John Dustin Loy

Dr. J. Dustin Loy

Assistant Professor



University of Nebraska
125 VDC, East Campus
Lincoln, NE 68583-0907

Phone: (402) 472-8468
Fax: (402) 472-3094


Introduction:  Dr. Loy received his DVM from Iowa State University in 2009 and was granted his PhD in 2011. Dr. Loy trained in the laboratory of Dr. DL Hank Harris with a focus on studying host/pathogen interactions using RNAi and propagation methods of fastidious organisms. After graduation he worked at a biotech startup, where he researched and developed next-generation vaccines using Alphavirus replicon particle technology for cattle and aquaculture applications.

Expertise:  Dr. Loy is a veterinary diagnostic microbiologist and case coordinator in the Veterinary Diagnostic Center. He is also section leader and faculty supervisor for the bacteriology laboratory. His responsibilities include expanding, developing, implementing, and validating new diagnostic tests, with a major focus on molecular diagnostics.

Teaching:  Dr. Loy is currently a co-instructor for BIOS/VBMS 441/841 Pathogenic Microbiology.

Research:  Dr. Loy's research interests include development and validation of novel molecular diagnostic methods, recombinant and next generation vaccine technology, RNAi, and aquaculture.

Outreach:  As a diagnostic microbiologist, Dr. Loy is involved in assisting veterinarians and their clients, livestock producers and other stakeholders in the diagnosis, detection, and prevention of infectious disease. The VDC bacteriology laboratory also provides analysis and data to help inform veterinarian's decisions on prudent treatment of pathogens through performing antimicrobial susceptibility testing.

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Conflict of Interest Statement:  Dr. Loy has served as a consultant for, and thus has disclosed a significant financial interest in Harrisvaccines. In accordance with its Conflict of Interest policy, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Conflict of Interest in Research Committee has determined that this must be disclosed.