NVDC General Policies

  • Fees are subject to change without notice. Refer to our website Test and Fee Information for a complete list of services and current prices.
  • A submission form is required for testing and includes agreement with these policies.
  • Certain regulatory testing requires additional testing forms supplied by federal agencies. These forms must be completed per regulatory agency as instructed or testing cannot be performed.
  • The person requesting laboratory services is responsible for payment. The submitting veterinarian will be billed for services forwarded on behalf of clients.
  • All current charges are due within 30 days of the print date on the statement unless otherwise noted. Accounts not paid within the stated time period are subject to penalty. These penalties include: denial or cancellation of future services; placement with a collection firm which includes an additional processing fee. Please be assured that we will make every effort to work with clients to resolve billing payment issues.
  • Owners requesting service without a veterinarian are required to pay at the time of sample delivery. Charges will be calculated for each case based on the testing requested or anticipated charges.
    • If the charges are significantly greater than the standard fee, the laboratory will attempt to notify the owner in advance of the additional testing for approval. The balance must be paid in full before results are released.
    • If charges are less than the standard fee, a refund of an overpayment will be processed within 30 days.
    • Submissions and testing do not represent a veterinary-client-patient relationship (VCPR) and do not imply clinical judgement and are not intended for diagnostic purposes outside of a valid VCPR.
  • A returned check service fee will be charged for each returned check.
  • A submission and administration fee will be charged on most accessions.
  • The cost of shipping, along with related supply costs, will be charged when forwarding testing to reference labs.
  • Shipping and/or storage bacterial isolates may result in extra charges. Refer to the Test and Fee Information on the NVDC website for charges.
  • Clients are required to pay disposal and/or incineration fees associated with eliminating animal remains.
  • Significant additional or unanticipated testing will be performed only after consultation with and approval by the person requesting laboratory services. Additional testing will be charged at the current rate.
  • All samples and specimens submitted become sole property of the NVDC and will not be returned unless specific arrangements are made in writing and approved in advance.
  • Samples, specimens, and related test and diagnostic results may be used for teaching and research purposes. Test and diagnostic results will be shared with appropriate state or federal agencies as required by law.
  • In the interest of privacy and continuity of care, results will be shared only with the client of record (the clinic or person paying the bill) unless requested by the client of record.
  • The NVDC reserves the right to subcontract any work required to complete testing of any and all submissions. Any subcontracted work will be indicated as such on the laboratory report.
  • The submitter/sender is responsible for postage and/or special delivery charges on packages sent to the NVDC. Adherence to mailing regulations is the responsibility of the submitter/sender.
  • Case results are accessible on the Internet. To view case results, go to the Results and Billing page of the website to register. Results may be e-mailed as they become available.
  • Please keep the lab informed of any changes to your information such as phone number or address. Information can be called to 402-472-1434 or emailed to vdc2@unl.edu.

Mailing and shipping address

Nebraska Veterinary Diagnostic Center
Phone: 402-472-1434
Email: vdc2@unl.edu

When sending specimens to NVDC via UPS. FedEx, DHL, etc., and printing an address label from a website, please use the following address:

University of Nebraska Veterinary Diagnostic Center
4040 East Campus Loop North
Lincoln, NE 68583-0907

When sending specimens to NVDC via regular mail, please use the following address to expedite the arrival of specimens:

University of Nebraska Veterinary Diagnostic Center
PO Box 82646
Lincoln, NE 68501-2646