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Fax number discontinued

The NVDC fax number is no longer operational. Beginning immediately, please send submission and other forms to our email address, Thank you!

By submitting samples or specimens to the Nebraska Veterinary Diagnostic Center, the submitter agrees to the NVDC General Policies and Business Operating Guidelines.

Most of the NVDC submission forms are fillable PDFs which means you can fill in the information using your keyboard and then print the completed form. For best results, download and save the form to your computer before filling it out. If you prefer, you can download the form, print it and fill it in by hand.

NVDC submission forms

Additional ID

Additional ID Form (PDF)
If you need to submit more samples than there is room for on the individual forms, please use this supplemental form.


Surgical Pathology Submission Form (PDF)
Used for biopsies.


Ruminant Submission (PDF)
Used for bovine, caprine, and ovine submissions.

BVD Submission Form (PDF)
BVDV testing

Bovine Sire Export (PDF)
Used for bovine export submissions.

Tritrichomonas foetus (PDF)
Used for Tritrichomonas foetus testing (PCR and culture).


Avian Submission (PDF)
Used for avian submissions (not for commercial poultry).

Turkey Flock
Used for commercial turkey flocks

Turkey Hatchery
Used for commercial turkey hatcheries

Chicken Breeder Flock
Used for commercial chicken breeder flocks

Canine, Feline, Equine & Other

Canine, Feline, Equine & Other Submission (PDF)
Used for canine, feline, equine, and other animal submissions.


Pseudorabies Serology Submission (PDF)

Swine Submission (PDF)
Used for porcine submissions.


If you are seeking an RA Number for your rabies submission, please go to the DHHS Rabies Requisition website first.

UNL VDC Rabies Submission (PDF)

Mixed species

Federal Brucellosis Test Record (PDF, Page 1; Page 2)

Chronic Wasting Disease

CWD Submission (PDF)
Used for chronic wasting disease submissions.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln only

Requires UNL log in to view.

Histopathology Internal Research Price List and Submission Form (PDF)

Forms from other labs

AgriGenomics Genetic Form