Please join us at 4:00 p.m. in VBS 145 (unless noted otherwise) for the following seminars.

August 20

Dr. Paul Blum, Charles Bessey Professor, School of Biological Sciences
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

"Repurposing Bacterial Toxins for Therapeutic Treatment of Pain"

Hosted by Dr. Greg Somerville

August 27

Dr. Mike Heaton, Research Microbiologist, U.S. Meat Animal Research Center, Clay Center, Nebraska

"In search of a genetic cause for heart failure in beef cattle"

Hosted by Dr. Brian Vander Ley

September 17

Dr. Xinghui Sun, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Biochemistry, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

"LncRNA-regulated DNA damage response in obesity-associated insulin resistance"

Hosted by Dr. Jay Reddy

September 24

Dr. Hillel Haim, MD, PhD, Department of Microbiology, Carver College of Medicine University of Iowa

"Predicting Evolution of HIV-1 Proteins in each Patient for Personalized Antiviral Treatment"

Hosted by Dr. Shi-hua Xiang

October 1

Dr. Junguo (Joe) Zhou, PhD, DABT, Principal Scientist, Preclinical Leader at Janssen, The Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson

"Drug Development Process and How to Become a Scientist in the Pharmaceutical Industry"

Hosted by Dr. Rodrigo Franco

October 8

Dr. Indira M. Raman, Bill and Gayle Cook Professor of Biological Sciences, Department of Neurobiology, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

"Synaptic signaling in cerebellar circuits"

Hosted by Dr. Jay Reddy

October 22

Dr. Forrest Kievet, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Biological Systems Engineering, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

"Nanoparticles for delivery to and treatment of neurological disorders"

Hosted by Dr. Rodrigo Franco

October 29

Dr. Aimin Peng, Ph.D., Associate Professor, College of Dentistry,
University of Nebraska Medical Center

"PNUTS as a new and multifaceted regulator of DNA repair"

Hosted by  Dr. Rodrigo Franco

November 5

Dr. Paul Thomes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology-Hepatology, University of Nebraska Medical Center

"Autophagy Regulation by Alcohol in the Liver"

Hosted by Dr. Rodrigo Franco

November 14

Location: E103,
Beadle Center

Dr. Michail Panagiotidis, BSc, MSc, PhD, Professor, Northumbria University, Department of Applied Sciences, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

"Epigenetic Modulation of Isothiocyanates in Human Malignant Melanoma Chemoprevention"

This seminar is co-sponsored by the Biotechnology / Life Sciences Seminar Series and will be held at the Center for Biotechnology, E103 Beadle Center.

Hosted by Dr. Rodrigo Franco

November 19

Dr. Annabel Olson, Ph.D. Student, Biological Sciences

"Regulation of vaccinia virus replication by vaccinia toxin/antitoxin proteins: The discovery of a functional role for vaccinia B12 pseudokinase"

Hosted by Dr. Matthew Wiebe

November 26 CANCELLED