Please join us at 4:00 p.m. in VBS 145 (unless noted otherwise) for the following seminars.

September 9

Dan Rock

Title: TBD

Hosted by Gustavo Delhon

September 16

Renukardhya Gourapura

Title: Induction of mucosal immunity against flu in the respiratory tract by using nanovaccines is a novel strategy

Hosted by Jay Reddy

September 23

Jay Reddy

Title: Multiple facets of the molecular mimicry hypothesis in the causation of autoimmune diseases

October 7

Craig Kreikemeier-Bower

Title: Implementing Animal Welfare – Euthanasia

October 28

Jayesh Chaudhari

Title: TBD

Hosted by Hiep Vu

November 4

Marc Libault

Title: TBD

November 11

Rodrigo Franco

Title: Autophagy in cell death and survival: From stress response to disease progression

November 18

Ninaad Lasrado

Title: TBD

Hosted by Jay Reddy

November 25

Manuel Borca

Title: TBD

Hosted by Gustavo Delhon

December 9

Joao Carlos Gomes Neto

Title: Food Safety through the Lens of Bacterial Population Genomics

Hosted by Rodney Moxley