All SVMBS seminars are free and open to the public. Unless otherwise noted, the seminars will be held in 101 NVDC on East Campus at 3:30 p.m. and streamed via Zoom at

Aug 28
3:45 pm start

Steven Cain
Senior Instructional Designer, UNL Center for Transformative Teaching
Artificial Intelligence in Teaching

Sep 11

Beth Galles
Assistant Professor of Practice, UNL/SVMBS
Psychosocial impacts on livestock producers and veterinarians involved with depopulation during an animal health emergency

Sep 18

Yong-Hui Zheng
Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Exploration of novel antiviral mechanisms from the host secretory pathway

Sep 25

Shi-Hua Xiang
Associate Professor, UNL
Soluble CD4 and CD4-Mimetic Compounds Inhibit Filovirus Infection

Oct 2

Christian Eaton
Graduate Student, UNL/SVMBS
5’ UTR-Based Detection and Host Genotype-Dependent Outcome of Swine and Bovine Viral Infections

Oct 9

Alexandria Krueger
Postdoc, UNL/SVMBS
The poxviral B12 pseudokinase targets the cellular VRK1 kinase and dysregulates interferon-induced gene expression through subversion of host BAF and cGAS responses to DNA

Oct 16

No Seminar -- Fall Break

Oct 23

Declan Schroeder, UMN, Veterinary Population Medicine
Associate Professor
Application of new molecular tools to assess virus viability in production animals

Oct 30

Laura Leger
Detection of Moraxella species from bovine pinkeye specimens utilizing selective media

Nov 6

Aimin Peng
Professor, UNMC; Department of Oral Biology
MASTL kinase mediates tumor resistance to platinum-based therapy

Nov 13

Aussia Stander
Undergraduate, UNL/SVMBS
Toxicological Effects and Treatment of Simparica Trio Ingestion in Felines

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Passcode: 520460

Nov 27

Judy Wu-Smart
Assistant Professor, UNL Department of Entomology
Impacts of pesticide exposure on social honey bees

Dec 4

Lindsay Waechter-Mead
Veterinary Extension in Nebraska – Current and Future Opportunities

Dec 11

Alon Herschhorn
Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
Conformational flexibility of HIV-1 envelope glycoproteins modulates transmitted / founder sensitivity to broadly neutralizing antibodies