BVDV testing

Fee schedule and submission guidelines

Accession fee $16 $7
 One to 240 calves $4.50 $10
 More than 240 calves $3.75 $15
Retesting previously positive calves
(must indicate previous case number)
No charge $15

If samples are submitted without a referring veterinarian, payment is required at the time of submission. Payment may be made by cash, check or money order only.

Submission information

Skin biopsies from any location on the body are sufficient. The most convenient method is to collect an ear notch. A triangle-shaped notch ranging between ¼ and ½ inch on a side is an adequate size.

Biopsies should be placed in individual (preferably red-topped) tubes (do NOT use Whirl-Paks) with neutral-buffered formalin. (Additional charges may be assessed if the NVDC has to place the ear notches in formalin.) Skin samples should not be held in formalin for more than one week prior to submission to the NVDC. Extended storage in formalin will result in falsely negative tests. The tubes need to be labeled to identify the calf from which the biopsy was collected. Please be sure to fill out the accession form completely, including tube # and animal ID for each ear notch submitted.  (Additional charges may be assessed if the paperwork is not filled out properly.) Please allow 5 - 7 working days for faxing of results.

We can mail forms or you may download and print the submission form.

The veterinarian and owner information can be entered on the computer and then the form printed for entering calf identification information by hand.

You also may submit large cases with an Excel file by e-mailing the spreadsheet with the animal IDs in the correct order. Please note on the accompanying submission form that you are submitting the animal IDs by e-mail. Please fill out the rest of the submission form including the starting and ending tube numbers.

Neutral-Buffered Formalin (pH 7.0)

Formaldehyde, full strength (37-40% formaldehyde) 100 ml
Sodium phosphate dibasic (anhydrous) (Na2HPO4) 6.5 gr
Sodium phosphate monobasic (NaH2PO4) 4.0 gr Distilled water 900 ml

You may also use 1 part formalin and 9 parts water.