David Steffen

Dr. David Steffen





University of Nebraska
141 VBS, East Campus
Lincoln, NE 68583-0905

Phone: (402) 472-4533
Fax: (402) 472-9690




Introduction:  Interested in providing top quality pathology services to researchers across campus and clients statewide. Also active as undergraduate advisor to preveterinary students and to graduate students with projects involving pathogensis.

Expertise:  Board Certified in Veterinary Pathologist (Diplomate American College of Veterinary Pathologists) providing veterinary pathology service- includes histologic evaluation and interpretation of tissue changes for veterinary clinical diagnostics and comparative research purposes. Experienced in projects of infectious disease pathogensis and immunopathology. I also consult widely in inherited diseases of cattle.

Research:  Infectious diseases pathogensis, immunopathology and inherited diseases of cattle.

Outreach:  Provide anatomic pathology clinical services to veterinarians, livestock producers and animal owners statewide and continuing education presentations related to animal diagnostics, and inherited diseases