For current graduate students

Typical program of study

A typical program of study could include some of the following courses. (Course descriptions are available in the Graduate Course Catalog):

Advanced Molecular Infectious Diseases:
Advanced Viral Pathogenesis:
Animal Biochemistry (Intermediary Metabolism):
Animal Health and Production:
Basic Molecular Infectious Diseases:
Computer Aided Sequence Analysis:
Concepts in Experimental ImmunologyFunctional Histology:
Mechanisms of Disease:
Microbial Genetics:
Molecular Medical Virology:
Molecular Virology and Pathogenesis:
Pathogenic Microbiology:
Pathology/Mechanisms of Disease:
Signal Transduction:
Topics in Epidemiology:
Topics in Microbiology:
Veterinary Epidemiology:
Viral Immunology:

Fellowships, Scholarships and Awards

Susan Ann Smith Mills Memorial Award

The Susan Ann Smith Mills Award was established in 1987 by Susan Mills' uncle and aunt to commemorate her life and dedication to research. The award recognizes outstanding graduate students conducting research in the biomedical science area and is based on their accomplishments and research credentials. Learn more.

Best Seminar Award

Each year, one MS and one Ph.D. SVMBS graduate student will receive a $100 award for the best seminar. Recipients are chosen by peer graduate students. No application is needed. This award is open only to SVMBS students.


The sole purpose of CRWAD (Center for Research Workers in Animal Diseases) is to discuss and disseminate the most current research advances in animal diseases. There is an annual meeting each December where research scientists from around the world present their recent research in oral or poster presentation formats. SVMBS will assist with the travel expense for those who are presenting at CRWAD. Contact the School office, VBS 120, for more information. This award is open only to SVMBS students.

Larrick/Whitmore Travel Fund

The Larrick/Whitmore Research Travel Funds Program provides funding toward graduate student travel expenses for students who are presenting the results of their research and/or scholarly activity.

In accordance with the donor's instructions, the Whitmore funds will support graduate student travel to professional society meetings in the fields of animal science; agricultural leadership, education and communication; and veterinary and biomedical sciences. In addition, the Larrick funds will support all other fields related to agricultural research.

Students may only receive one travel grant per degree program (one for M.S. and one for Ph.D.). The funds received (maximum award, $500) can be applied to travel related expenses including registration fees, transportation charges not to exceed coach class airfare, lodging and meals.

Application process

  • Applications must submitted to ARD by the SVMBS office; therefore, applications must be received by the SVMBS office, 120 VBS, one week prior to the ARD deadlines listed below.
  • The STUDENT must supply the information requested on the application form, and submit it as a PDF file to their department.
  • Application deadline for receipt in the ARD office for travel June 2022 and after is April 29th, 2022. The next application deadline for travel October 2022 and after is September 16th, 2022.

Milton E. Mohr Scholarship

The Milton E. Mohr Awards Program recognizes outstanding students in the sciences of biotechnology and engineering based on their academic performance and potential for accomplishments in their specific field. The scholarships and fellowships are awarded each spring and are made possible through an endowment to the University Foundation.

Dr. Mohr was described in his lifetime as ", inventor, entrepreneur, corporate leader" and was instrumental in providing key leadership to young adults. In 1938 he graduated, highest in his class, from University of Nebraska–Lincoln with a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering and in 1959 the university awarded him an honorary doctorate of engineering.

Applications are accepted during a specified time in the spring. Students are notified when applications are being accepted and can pick up the forms at the School office, VBS 120, or request that the forms be emailed to them.


SVMBS Graduate Student Handbook

Guidelines for graduate studies in the School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Open the handbook (PDF)

Master's and doctoral degree forms

Visit the Office of Graduate Studies Degree Requirements web page for the steps to complete a degree.

Graduate Mentoring Guidebook

Learn more about the positive role mentoring can have in your graduate education in the Graduate Mentoring Guidebook.

Graduate Student Assembly

The Graduate Student Assembly represents graduate students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Learn more >>