Sample shipping made easy

sample tubes

Save on shipping by using UPS EZ-Ship

For our clients’ convenience, the NVDC has partnered with United Parcel Service (UPS) to offer online access to printed shipping labels. With this service you may:

  • Choose ground or next day air as the method of shipment.
  • Print the label at your site immediately--no waiting.
  • Pay a reduced flat rate for shipping to NVDC regardless of the origin of the package.  The charges will be included in your monthly statement.
UPS EZ-Ship options
Method of shipmentWeight categoryCost/box*
UPS Ground Small < 15 lb $10
  Medium 15-24 lb $15
  Large 25-35 lb


  Extra Large > 35 lb

Billed at cost

UPS Next Day Air Small < 15 lb $28
  Medium 15-24 lb $40
  Large 25-35 lb $55
  Extra Large > 35 lb Billed at cost

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

graphic explaining reused boxes must have all previous labels and stickers removed before shipping; failing to remove these will likely cause the package to be returned

How to generate a UPS EZ-Ship label

  1. Follow the directions provided on the screen. Note that the Client ID/Account # can be found on your invoices or statements. Please phone the NVDC at 402-472-1434 if you need to have it provided to you. You will use this number for all of your shipments.
  2. Under "UPS Service" choose either Ground or Next Day Air from the drop-down menu.
    UPS Service screenshot
  1. Print the label and affix to your package. Please do not forget to include all necessary paperwork.
  2. Ship the package using one of the following options:
    * Drop off at certain UPS locations
    * Hand it to your local UPS driver when they come to your location
    * Click the link provided as you view your EZ-Ship label to schedule a pick up for free.
  3. Shipping charges invoiced monthly through EZ-Ship will not be linked to a laboratory accession. Clinics should consider invoicing clients at time of shipment. Shipping charges will be added to your monthly NVDC statement.

Should I choose UPS Ground or Next-Day Air?

How quickly does your shipment need to reach us? The map below, showing UPS Ground transit time, can help you determine the best shipping option from your location. 

map of delivery time