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Submission Form
Information (Used for)
Surgical Pathology Biopsies 
Ruminant Bovine, caprine, and ovine
Swine Porcine 
Companion and Equine Canine, feline, equine, and other small animal 
General Exotic, wildlife, reptiles, aquatic, etc. 
BVD-PI Skin Biopsy Test Request BVDV PI Testing
Tritrichomonas foetus Tritrichomonas foetus testing (PCR and culture)
Avian Avian (not for commercial poultry)
Chicken Breeder Flock Commercial Chicken Breeder Flocks
Turkey Flock Commercial turkey flocks
Turkey Hatchery Commercial turkey hatcheries
If you are seeking an RA Number for your Rabies Submission please go to the DHHS Rabies Requisition Web Site first.
UNL VDC Rabies Rabies, Please get an RA number from the DHHS site first if needed
Pseudorabies Serology Pseudorabies
Johne's Testing/Certification Program Johnes
Federal Brucellosis Test Record
Page 2
Federal Brucellosis
Bovine Sire Export Bovine export

University of Nebraska–Lincoln Only - Histopathology Internal Research Form
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